The box opens on Friday 7/9. Classes resume Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. Updated schedules are given regularly in all social media.



Prices are:

Drop in 500 baht

5-Card 2000 baht

10-Card 3000 baht

Open Gym 250 baht or

10 times 2000 baht


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING (Beginners to advance)


We work on your stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, mobility and accuracy.

Have fun and learn new skills with high intensity workouts, using functional movements with a constant variation. Classes are from beginners to advance. Exercises and movement are scalable to mould the workout to your own level.


Open Gym


Do your own training using all equipment like barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, wallballs, pullup bars, gymnastics rings and more





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